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Water Ripple

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with 7 years of experience working with clients of all ages.  I love working with young adults who are finding their way, transitioning into marriage, family, career, and life in general.  I believe in love, happiness, and balance.  I believe each of these is attainable no matter what you are going through or have been through.  You are the author of your life.  We can work on journaling through trash, how you talk to yourself, how you take care of yourself, being more self-aware, communicating in a healthy manner with healthy boundaries, and more.  I also have a passion for working with those with disabilities and the caregivers that provide so much care and love to these individuals so they can live a quality life. 

My goal in therapy involves building a trusting relationship with individuals that seek help in times of need, no matter where they are in the process, and walk with them through the journey.  Discovering where the individual is and where they want to be is the ultimate goal while providing valuable lifelong tools to assist in achieving these goals.  I strive to demonstrate compassion to all individuals that seek help to provide the essentials one needs to live a life of quality and fulfillment.  I include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, solution-focused therapy, and positive psychology.  


In my spare time,  I enjoy being with my husband and vibrant three-year-old.  I love spa time, shopping, Mexican food, and community outreach.   Practicing self-care is very important to me and helps me be better every day in everything I do.  If you are not taking care of yourself, you can't do what you love and love others in a healthy way!

Brittany Huey, LICSW

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