Eagle Leadership Series

"I learned how to speak to others efficiently, to be more confident."
"I learned how to interact with different personalities."
"I learned how to undersand relationships, to have compassion everywhere."
"It's important to lead yourself before you lead others."

Our goal with our EAGLE Student Leadership Program is to help motivate learning in the classroom and engage students in lifelong learning through leadership development in a collaborative effort with the school system.  As a counseling and coaching organization we understand the importance in the development of healthy paradigms, self-awareness, self-confidence, positive communication, and emotional intelligence during the school years.  We help give students the tools and motivation to flourish not only at school, but also at home, and in the community.  We help develop students from the inside out so they may lead themselves effectively, then lead others. 


Studies show that only about ¼ of the 80 million children in the U.S. are on their pathway to thriving and flourishing.  In today’s culture, the average onset of depression is below the age of 15.   We help children develop a sense of purpose, confidence in decision making, and better relationships with others. When children thrive, compassion and empathy increases, and behavioral problems decrease.  Connections to their families and the community improve thus creating opportunities to succeed in a learning environment. 


Through partnerships and grants, we have been able to provide support with educational and interactive groups to schools.  A project consists of a counselor/engagement coach helping students develop leadership skills, healthy coping skills, and new thinking strategies.  Tools and resources help students gain focus and motivation in their own classwork as well as role model and teach positive behaviors for other students.  

This is a collaborative effort with each school to fit their needs and teach their culture in working together to provide the best and most effective tools needed in each environment.  We will individualize according to needs, ages, and gender.  


The development of character and empowering young leaders is our heart and passion.  Helping children find that spark, that motivation, that belief in themselves that they can manage and succeed in life is vital in today’s world.   We are excited to partner in growing great leaders and making a difference in the lives of others.

Huntsville Office:

475 Providence Main St. SW

Suite 401

Huntsville, AL 35806


Decatur Office:

400 Grant St. SE

Building A, 2nd Floor

Decatur, AL 35601