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Hi, I’m Felicia Powell and I am an Associate Licensed Counselor, under the supervision of Robyn Simmons. I have a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University and I have found each of us has a unique story that makes us who we are today. Because we are all unique in many ways, my theoretical orientation is rooted in an Integrative Model. I believe an Integrative Model to therapy helps me connect with client’s, servicing them in accordance with who they are as a person. I believe each person has a unique story to tell and it’s important to understand their story to empathize, support, and advocate. This approach that has grounded me throughout the years have also sharpened myself to further advocate for children, adults, and families.


For fun, I love hunting, fishing, CrossFit and any activity that helps me stay active. In my downtime, I love reading and spontaneous adventures or activities. My personal goal is to always strive to be my best self and show other’s the light that was shown to me.


I am passionate about what I do, and I believe because I am an open-minded person it allows me to see all possibilities. I often tell my clients, even superman had a weakness(kryptonite). Everyone of us has a superpower and we must sharpen those powers, and counseling is a helpful way to do so. Just as we give of ourselves to others, it’s also important to ensure we are advocating for our own mental and physical health. 


I have a specialization in crisis and trauma as well as experience

  • Sexual and physical trauma 

  • PTSD

  • ADHD

  • ADD

  • ODD

  • Anger management

  • Communication skills

  • Couples counseling

  • Self-harm

  • Depression

  • Addiction/substance abuse

Felicia Powell

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