Group  Counseling

We offer a psychoeducational class, "Children In Between", for parents going through a divorce.  This class teaches parents how to not put their children in the middle of a divorce.  A divorce is difficult and the way a divorce is handled with your children is critical.  This is a 3 hour class and includes a certificate of completion.  

We offer a four to six week Marital Communication Enrichment Group to help improve connection in relationships.  Curriculum includes:

  • How personalities effect communication.

  • 14 rules for effective communication.

  • 8 steps of intentional listening.

  • Roadblocks to effective communication

  • Assertive expression of needs.

  • The importance of affirmation.

Huntsville Office:

475 Providence Main St. SW

Suite 401

Huntsville, AL 35806


Decatur Office:

400 Grant St. SE

Building A, 2nd Floor

Decatur, AL 35601