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Great News for You and TeleMental Health!

Great news from some insurance providers! In order to help you in this ever changing and challenging time, most insurance companies are paying for TeleMental Health services. And there is more....

Currently, most plans with BCBS, Anthem, and Aetna providers are waiving your co-pays for TeleMental Health sessions! We will continue to keep you updated as we hear from more providers.

We encourage you to take advantage of this time and take care of your health and wellness. Many people are experiencing worry, fear, helplessness, increased stress, loss of control, and many more emotional responses to this "new normal" we find ourselves in. Some of you may just need to process where you are and figure out what normal can be right now. Some may want to be able to continue your therapy so you can make progress without disruption.

Please give us a call at 256-716-0811 or 256-341-0811 to find out how we can help and let's walk through this time together.

You can also email us at:





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