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Past Workshops and Events

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Rachel Sullivan introduced exercises and excerpts from the book 10 Days To Self-Esteem by David Burns, M.D.  She discussed how feelings and thoughts are connected, the difference between healthy and unhealthy feelings, and how to break out of a bad mood.  Also discussed were the definition of what self-esteem is, how to get it, the danger of perfectionism, and how to defeat procrastination. 

Now What.jpg

 Marsha Gill discussed how to get control of stress and anxiety in 2021.  Circumstances have not changed much, but you can!      Learn skills, gain tools, define your anxiety, tame your stressors, lean into support, and get control.  

soul shop.jpg

Eagle Counseling partnered with Refuge Church to present Soul Shop with Olivia Pierce, LPC,  This workshop addresses how to respond to persons impacted by suicidal desperation, developing soul-safe communities to decrease the risk, changing the culture around suicide, and how we think and talk about suicide. 


A six session workshop addressing

HOW to invest in your relationship,

HOW to communicate effectively,

HOW to intentionally listen and be heard,

HOW you create roadblocks,

HOW to assertively express your needs, 

HOW to increase intimacy.


Grief Group.jpg

Marsha Gill helped process what moving in life with grief can feel like.   How do I face the emotional experience of grief? How do I talk to people about my loss?  How do I even understand loss?  What can the next chapter of life look like?  These are just some of the questions processed as we experience the unrelenting thoughts and emotions in life after loss.

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