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Scheduled for your first session?  
Please sign into your client portal and complete all necessary paperwork online.  
Make sure you complete the New Client Paperwork AND the Questionnaire in the History Tab!
**This paperwork is required prior to your scheduled session.
At your scheduled time, your counselor will greet you in the waiting room and bring you to his or her office. Your therapist will want to learn about you, why you have decided to come to counseling, and will ask you questions to enrich his or her understanding of the issues.  
Signing Into The Portal 
Portal Registration:
      1. Find email sent by Insync ( “Subject: Eagle Consulting, LLC welcomes you to the
Patient Portal”.  Select the link taking you to a registration page. 

      2. The Username is your email you provided to Eagle.
      3.  Input Date of Birth and Phone Number given to Eagle during appointment set up.
      4. Check email for a second message from Insync ( with a one-time password.   
Temporary password is only valid for 72 hours!

      5.  Reset password and log in.  Don't forget your password for future logins!
1. It's telling me the portal registration information is incorrect.
  • Make sure you are using the correct link
  • Temporary password is only valid for 72 hours after receiving first email.  Contact our office for a new password.  
  • You may need to verify your birthday and phone number we have in our system.
2. The portal is logging me out when I attempt to fill out paperwork.  
  • If you are using an Apple device, follow these directions.
    • Go into your device settings
    • Scroll down to Chrome or Safari and select
    • Find "Cross-Website Tracking" and turn it on
3. If you are still having issues, please reach out.
Need to schedule a session? 
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