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Congratulations on your engagement!  Now let's talk about the rest of your life.  Premarital counseling is an enriching experience that can foster a deep emotional intimacy between the couple as they learn more about themselves and one another. Your counselor helps you learn valuable tools to create and maintain a meaningful and fulfilling marriage.  You will explore goals and expectations that you have for your relationship developing an investment in an authentic partnership and connection. 

Areas of focus may be:

  • Exploring areas of strengths and vulnerabilities so you can create a balanced partnership.

  • Learning to be assertive so you can express your needs while maintaining respect for one another.

  • Practice conflict management skills exploring how to successfully talk about hard topics.

  • Identifying lifestyle goals, financial goals, values, parenting goals, and other priorities in your relationship. 

  • Understanding family of origin influences and how to create your own healthy patterns.

  • Creating and maintaining healthy open communication dialogue and skills. 

What to expect:  Your counselor will meet with you to hear your history, assess your needs, and develop a plan for you that will best create a sturdy foundation for your next 50 years.  Typical number of sessions is 6 sessions to complete the program.  You will be asked to complete our Make A Difference Personality Profile to get started.  This assessment will help couples better address areas of focus while understanding their communication patterns and needs.   We can also offer a certificate of completion if needed.

Couples can expect after completing sessions to be better equipped to smoothly transition into their marital relationship with confidence and authenticity.  



Premarital Counseling


Start the journey!

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