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Do you feel stuck in your relationship?
Do you want your spouse to better understand you?
Do you want to find connection again?
Do you want to rebuild trust in your relationship?
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Marriage Counseling

Relationship counseling can include marital, couple, premarital, divorce care or affair recovery . Relationships can be exhausting when you don’t have healthy boundaries and tools to manage conflict. They can be exhausting when you can’t communicate clearly, don’t understand each other, and seem to just be moving in opposite directions. Being exhausted can lead to disconnection, loss of focus, loss of motivation, and loss of hope.


When you think about it, everything we do involves relationships. How well do we understand our partner? How well do we understand ourselves? Marital and relationship counseling may begin with helping you understand yourself. This will help you better communicate your feelings, thoughts, needs, and expectations in your relationship.


Your therapist will not only help you communicate better, but will help you create a healthier emotional bond in a safe, comfortable environment through understanding, listening, and supporting one another. Sometimes we may need help developing balance in relationships knowing how and when to turn towards our partner to connect again.  Sometimes we need to rebuild trust, learn to forgive, or create shared dreams and goals. We help establish hope that things can be different, trust through mutual respect, and deepen love through healthier connections.


In relationship counseling, you will meet your counselor together in your first session and give a brief history or yourself, your marriage, and establish some goals for you to begin working on. Your therapist will then decide what is best by either seeing you individually or together to begin the process of moving forward. We will often give you tools to use in between sessions to assist you in progress toward your goals.


Are you ready to have a deeper connection?  
Are you ready to understand and communicate differently?
Are you ready to trust again?
Are you ready to start having fun in your marriage?
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Let's Get Started!

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