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TeleHealth (Video) Counseling

Are you ready to see your counselor from the privacy of your own home or office?
Do you want to save time, travel, or hassle?
Are you ready to start investing in your life with no excuses?
So, are you ready to grow in a different direction?
Are you ready to begin living the life you love and loving the life you live?
Are you ready to begin investing in yourself and others?
Unsure about TeleHealth?  Ask about a free consultation with a therapist!

You can start today!

What is TeleHealth (Video) Counseling? 

It's an accessible and convenient therapy with your therapist!  TeleHealth is the delivery of counseling services through the use of internet-based videoconferencing.   This is the same service you would receive in a face to face session with your counselor, we are just talking to one another through a video screen.  It is very simple, convenient, and easy to use.  Eagle utilizes a secure, encrypted platform through so your information is protected and confidential. 

This is a great time to utilize TeleHealth Services!  Most insurance companies are now paying for these services.  Please give us a call if you have questions or we can help you better understand how this service works. Ask about a free consultation with a therapist if you are unsure!

You can use your phone, tablet, or laptop.  You are responsible for the appropriate technology and requirements to conduct online sessions.  Please read fully our informed consent form for TeleHealth services located in our Forms page.

So, are you ready to stop using excuses?
Are you ready to begin now?
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