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Individual Counseling
Are you ready to grow on a personal level?
Do you want to have happier, healthier relationships with those around you?
Do you want to start investing in life and moving forward instead of standing still?

Individual counseling can cover a wide range of issues including depression, grief, anxiety, stress, perfectionism, self-doubt, insecurities, life transition, grief, trauma, or relationships.  We provide a safe, comfortable environment for you to be able to discuss any issue you may need help with.  We can help you explore and discover your thoughts, feelings, strengths, and vulnerabilities to better deal with changes that happen in everyday life or when we find ourselves in crisis.   


Sometimes we lose focus, lose ourselves, and lose hope.  We seem to be going through motions checking boxes and stuck.  Self-awareness and balancing our emotions empowers us to embrace change with confidence.  We can help you better understand a a healthy perspective and step out of that comfort zone that impedes us from growth.  

Our goal is to empower you with the tools to make changes necessary for you to live your life with more joy and peace. Achieving self-awareness is a step to experiencing personal growth and positive change in one’s life. Our MAD (Make A Difference) personality profile along with counseling is designed to help you understand your true self while also understanding others.  We believe strengthening the relationships and support around you can have an impact and make a difference in your life.  

So, are you ready to embrace change with confidence?
Are you ready to begin living life and not just going through the motions?
Abstract City Lights

Let's start today!

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