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Water Ripple

My name is Lynn Rhodes, and I am a graduate of Lee university. I am currently an Associate Licensed Counselor under the supervision of Del McElroy, LPC.   I am married to my wonderful husband, and we have with three children and soon to be nine grandchildren. I am an Ordained minister and have Co/Pastored alongside my husband, for over twenty-eight years.

 I enjoy working with people of all ages, meeting them where they are and journeying with them to where they desire to be. My heart is for all people.  I truly believe that we all have a story, and every story is different. We react to our circumstances according to our individual perspective and at times we find ourselves in a place that we feel stuck and do not know how to get moving again. It is my desire to assist people in achieving a place of thriving again. It’s a process of one step at a time, one day at a time.

In my experience of working with people who are struggling with things of the past, internal struggles, as well as current issues, I have found that when we work together, we become stronger and can get through anything. I believe no one is without hope, no matter what the situation is or what season of life we find ourselves in.

I look forward to meeting you where you are and walking with you to where you desire to be.



Lynn Rhodes, ALC

Under the supervision of Del McElroy, LPC

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