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How are you doing on your resolutions?

It is a new year and many of us have a resolution or two.

Resolution is defined as ‘a firm decision to do or not do something’. These decisions or goals are frequently discarded in a matter of weeks, leaving us feeling like a failure.

So, do we give up and discard our resolution? No.

We tweek our mediocre resolutions and go for Great Resolutions. So what is a Great Resolution? I am glad you asked so here are a few ideas .

Great Resolutions Benefit Others: Most New Year’s resolutions are focused on self. “I am going to (fill in the blank) so I can be smarter…thinner…more organized…etc.”. Most are focused on personal achievement for personal gain. There is nothing wrong with personal achievement. However, when we think about the people who have real world impact, it has never been because they stuck to a diet or learned a language. It is because they worked to help others in some way. So how can your fading resolution become about helping or giving or serving someone?

Great Resolutions Are About Becoming: Most resolutions have a defined outcome. “I am going to do x so I can get y”. This is goal setting. It has a place in our lives but it will not make a Great Resolution. A resolution is about a decision to do or not do. It is about becoming not arriving. It is a lifetime pursuit. Success doesn’t come from setting an achievable goal. Success is defined by becoming that person that who makes a difference. So who do you want to become? Are you taking steps to be that person?

Great Resolutions Make Us Better: When we focus on others and not ourselves, we are going to be better. When we resolve to do something rather than strive for achievement, we are going to be better. What makes you a better person?

As you think about this next 355 or so days, I encourage you to not give up on your resolutions...turn them into Great Resolutions. Turn them into resolutions that will make a difference in the lives around you. Turn them into resolutions that will change you and not just what you accomplish.

Malia Shipe LPC, SAP

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