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Counselor Spotlight: Marcos Almonte Perez

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Meet Marcos Almonte Perez! Marcos is a bilingual counselor with a master’s degree in divinity and counseling. He is an ordained minister with over 15

years of service to others.

Marcos has focused his counseling ministry on those struggling and suffering with addictions and trauma whether they be children, youth, adults, couples and families. He is passionate about helping people heal

and have healthy relationships in all aspects of life. He believes that there is hope for everyone no matter the depth and breath of the situation.

Marcos co-authored the chapter “Trauma Informed Practice: Working with Youth Who Have Suffered Adverse Childhood (or Adolescent) Experiences” in the American Academy of Pediatrics textbook Reaching Teens: Strength-Based Communication Strategies to Build Resilience and Support Healthy Adolescent Development. He has lead workshops and seminars in helping people deal with addictions, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. He is also available for web-based counseling services throughout the US.

Marcos is a Godly husband and father to three children. He was born in Puerto Rico and grew up on the Mission field in Bolivia. He is deeply committed to helping everyone see their value in God’s eyes and the truth that we were meant not only to survive but thrive, and “have an abundant life.”

Are you ready to get started on the rest of your life and live into your purpose? Call today at 256-716-0811 to schedule an appointment!

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